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21 Jan 2024

How your event speakers and Ai can greatly improve your SEO.

Jon Benjamin
How your event speakers and Ai can greatly improve your SEO.

When leveraged correctly, content particularly that produced by speakers, can be a fantastic resource for improving your event website’s SEO. Speaker content allows event marketers to generate unique and engaging content, which is key for attracting more organic traffic to websites.

Through our research and studies with our speaker and content management partner Sessionboard, we have seen that by optimising content with SEO best practices, such as using relevant keywords and creating engaging meta descriptions, we can significantly boost an event website’s visibility and search engine rankings.

The key to unlocking speaker content potential? It’s well-crafted biographies within speaker profiles. They play a crucial role in optimising these pages, which drives traffic from people interested in those speakers. Many of whom may never have even heard of your show before.

To those of you who already feel like you are busier than an Amazon warehouse worker at Christmas time, you will be glad to hear that Ai can be the antidote for taking away the pain of the arduous task of optimising all your speaker profiles.

Ai Antidote.

AI enables speakers to easily create engaging and unique biographies, which is essential for SEO.  The trick is to ensure that Ai is using lots of lovely SEO attention grabbing keywords. This process significantly enhances their appeal to both your audience and search engines.

To craft an engaging speaker profile for your website using AI, you start by providing the AI tool with clear instructions.

For example, Ai Instruction: I am looking to write a unique speaker profile page for my profile at the xyz event. Rewrite the following information from my LinkedIn profile, making it relevant to the xyz event and highlighting suitable experiences and expertise.

Well-written session synopses are pivotal in enriching the agenda for visitors. They serve as an excellent source of content for strategic SEO. These synopses can be distributed across the website, not only to provide detailed information about each session but also to incorporate relevant keywords that enhance the site’s search engine visibility.

Below are some top tips on how you can leverage Ai to write the perfect SEO speaker session descriptions: 

  • Provide your Ai with context, such as the session’s topic, the speaker’s expertise and the intended audience.
  • Emphasise the need for engaging and accessible language. The Ai should generate content that is not only informative but also easy to read and engaging for a diverse audience. This includes using layman’s terms for complex topics and incorporating a storytelling approach to make the content more relatable.
  • Instruct the Ai to incorporate relevant keywords naturally. These keywords should be aligned with what potential attendees might search for, boosting the SEO potential of each session description.
  • Brief your Ai to include practical information, such as the session’s time, duration, and any special features or interactive elements.

If you follow the above, you can ensure that your speaker profiles are working as hard as they can to ensure your event website is seen by those who matter.

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