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23 Sep 2019

ASP – Growing shows…and trees!

Kazz Kumar
ASP – Growing shows…and trees!

When we all put our heads together, one thing was evident – we needed to make some serious changes around here to be a sustainable, eco-friendly business, or how our CEO Arran put it, we need to “save the f**king planet”.

We got 99 problems but a tree ain't one.

Environmental issues are rapidly on the increase and are set to get worse. Even if humanity becomes carbon neutral by 2050, the fact Is, the CO2 in the atmosphere will be too high.

The issue for every one of us is to reduce the output of greenhouse gasses and to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, i.e. become carbon negative.

It is important to state that although what we do might not be perfect, it's better to do something than be paralysed by perfection or indecision.


OMG. What do we do?

Plant lots of trees. This low-tech solution has one great advantage: Trees absorb CO2 and store it.

Million Trees Campaign

The Plan #OneMillionTrees

We plan to invite others in the industry to help us plant 1,000,000 trees.

This doesn't mean going into your garden and planting oak trees (although if it's big enough, you might want to do that), but to donate money to causes that plant trees in multiple areas around the world.



Previously, there were 6 trillion trees on the planet, now there are 3 trillion. Currently, trees are being destroyed at a rate of 10 billion a year.

Newly planted trees absorb CO2, but that's not all. When planted in a sustainable way, they can provide a bunch of benefits. See for more information.

ASP has donated money to plant 7,660 trees in partnership with

We ask that our friends in the events industry, join us to help hit the target of One Million Trees by 2025.

All you have to do is click here: and follow the instructions :)

Click to Plant Trees!

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