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How to Hone Your Event Website Homepage

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How to Hone Your Event Website Homepage

One: Know Your Target Keywords 

Knowing your keywords is vital to the success of any SEO-driven event marketing campaign. Find your event’s keywords (the words people will use to search for relevant content on search engines) and ensure that these are prominent on your homepage. Your homepage needs:  

Not Just a Logo - It’s obvious but is forgotten about and flagged in ASP’s content health checks more than you would imagine. Make sure your show name and not just a logo is included on your home page.   

Top keywords - The top-level keywords that define your whole website, such as “security event”, “security industry event” etc. 

Two: Review Google’s top search results to find your target keywords 

Google is an incredibly sophisticated resource that can tell you what your customers are looking for and what needs to be included to rank well too. 

Simply type your top target keyword into Google and review in fine detail each of your competitors web pages and what they include.  

Remember, using their Artificial Intelligence, user modelling and very sophisticated search algorithms, Google has decided that the websites in the top 10 positions for that keyword most closely match what the searcher is looking for. 

There is therefore no better way to start planning your homepage than to first review in detail the Google's top 10 search results. 

The items you should pay particular attention to include: 

Layout- What type of layouts do they have? Can you take any inspiration and is there anything that you could add or improve upon?  

Text - What type of text do they have? Such as FAQs, general descriptions, customer testimonials, descriptions of each element of the event, etc? Is there any additional written content that you could add which adds more value to your visitors? 

How much text is there? Do they have 500 words, 2,000 words etc? Whilst you do not need to match word count exactly, if all competitors have around 2,000 words on their home page and you only have 300, you will struggle to out rank them.

Images/videos - What type of images/videos do competitors have, such as photos of the event, speakers, products, exhibitors etc? Can you take inspiration from their pages; plus is there more you can do for your visitors?

Links - Where is the home page linking too? For example, are there links to seminars or products sections, or anywhere else? Are there other sections of your website that add value to your visitors that you can link to?

Calls To Action- Are your competitors directing their visitors to perform specific actions, such as buying a ticket or registering an exhibitor enquiry? Do they have any additional calls to action that would add value to your visitors? 


Keen to know more about creating an SEO friendly event website?  


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