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15 Apr 2024

Why Hosting Your New Event on Your Current Domain Could Save You Thousands!

Jon Monk - Head of Search Performance
Why Hosting Your New Event on Your Current Domain Could Save You Thousands!

By Jon Monk

Why Your Existing Domain is Your Best Bet for SEO Success

When you’re planning a new event/show/conference, it's tempting to think that a new, catchy domain for each event is the way to go. But hold on—there's a compelling case for sticking with your tried and true main domain.

The Power of One Domain

Keep It Simple
Would you rather add a new room to your house or build a new house for every purpose? The answer's pretty straightforward. Your website deserves the same logic.

The SEO Advantages:
  • Stronger Domain: Your domain gains value with Google the more quality content and links it accumulates. It’s like building a good reputation in your neighbourhood.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Creating a new domain for each event means reinvesting in SEO from square one. Why not capitalise on the hard work you've already put into your existing domain?
  • Easier Management: Managing one domain simplifies your life. It means a single set of data to analyse and a unified SEO strategy.

Business-wise, It Just Makes Sense

Your existing domain likely has a solid SEO foundation already. Starting fresh with a new domain for each event means all previous efforts don’t contribute to your new project's success, and this costs money!

To build up the SEO foundations on a new domain, many things need to be done, such as:

  • Content Creation: Producing high-quality, authoritative content is pivotal for attracting backlinks. The costs here hinge on the content's volume and type and whether it's produced in-house or outsourced.
  • Link Building: From guest blogging outreach to digital PR campaigns, the chosen paths to build a robust backlink profile significantly affect your budget.
  • SEO and Technical Set-up: Enhancing your website's structure, on-page SEO, and overall technical health is indispensable, potentially necessitating professional SEO consultancy.
  • Time: Realistically, this will take 12-24 months or longer, influenced by your starting position and the competitive landscape.

How much can I save on SEO by using our existing domain?

This will very much depend on how competitive your niche is, but assuming ‘average competition’ and having to achieve a domain rating of 45, a ballpark figure could vary between £10,000 and £50,000 over a 12-24 month period. This estimate includes costs associated with content creation, SEO and technical optimisation, digital PR, and possibly link acquisition efforts.

Other Considerations

  • User-Friendly: A single domain makes for a cleaner, more straightforward experience for your audience.
  • Brand Consistency: Keeping all events under one domain reinforces your brand, linking each event closely with your overall identity.

In Summary...

Opting to host your events under your existing domain is not just an SEO strategy; it's a comprehensive approach to strengthening your online presence.

Leveraging the built-up equity of your current domain not only conserves resources but also enhances user experience and brand cohesion.

So, before jumping to purchase a new domain for your next event, consider the substantial benefits of building on the foundation you already have.

*DR - Domain Rating (DR) is a metric developed by Ahrefs that ranks the strength of a website's backlink profile on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the DR, the more authoritative the site is considered, based on the quantity and quality of external links pointing to it. This score helps in assessing the potential of a site to rank well in search engine results.

Need Help? 

Are you considering the best approach for your new event or wondering what it'll take to stand out in your market? Drop us a line! We can offer advice from a new domain perspective, conduct a competitor analysis, and pinpoint the keywords you need to target.

Or, if you prefer to become your own expert, join our exclusive SEO for Events Masterclass. Learn all these strategies yourself and take control of your event's online success.

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