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19 Oct 2022

Picture Perfect: How to Speed Up Your Event Website Through Image Optimisation

Jamie Wallis
Picture Perfect: How to Speed Up Your Event Website Through Image Optimisation

Web pages with large image files can be as sluggish as an unfit runner trying to bash out a 10k on a horrendous hangover. 

So when you consider the average website user will make their decision if they like your website or not in 2.6 seconds, it's important to make sure your images are picture perfect and fully optimised. 

Follow the quick two steps below to optimise your image files and maximise the speed of your Panels & Pages:

Step One
Size the dimensions of your image to the size it will appear on desktop

A common problem is that an image which appears on the desktop of say 700px wide, is uploaded at say 4,000px wide, and therefore the file is much larger than it needs to be.

You can easily do this using the following free tools:


Step Two
Optimise your resized image 

Whilst your image now has a much smaller file size, you can reduce it further by ‘optimising’ the image. This means you are getting a smaller file size without any noticeable reduction in image quality.

Optimise your image further with the free online tool: 


Illustration provided by Freepik. 
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