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24 May 2023

The Power of CRO: How changing colours can greatly increase conversion

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The Power of CRO: How changing colours can greatly increase conversion

You’ve executed the mother of all marketing campaigns and the content of your show is second to none.

But did you know you could be missing out on key sponsorship revenue and visitors just because your call to action button on your website is the wrong colour? 

It’s hard to believe that the colour choices you make can create significant increases in conversion rates. But it’s all very much true. 

In a recent A/B testing we carried out with Informa Tech’s Ai Summit, we found that if the organiser changed their CTA button from black to orange, they would get over a 25 percent increase of visitors clicking through to their ticketing page. A massive uplift. 

When it comes to button colour, the more the CTA draws attention to itself, the more likely the customer is to click on it and the higher the chances of increasing your conversion rate.

While high-contrast colours will pop, low-contrast analogous colours (ones with a more subtle tonal change) may prove more eye-catching. So what colour is right for your show? 

The only way of really knowing is by using an event marketer’s secret weapon;  conversion rate optimisation (CRO). 

CRO is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from a website. The purpose of conversion rate optimisation, is to improve the likelihood of visitors taking a desired action on a webpage. This typically involves A/B testing different elements of a website (like call to action buttons, wording, colour and navigational elements) to see what gets the best results.

Simple, right? Ah, if only it was that easy! Remember the best colour contrasts won’t matter if your customers don’t like the colour combinations. And those combinations will differ from show to show. 

The only way of knowing what colours, wording, UX and CTA positioning will truly unlock higher conversion rates for your show is through the magic and fun of CRO A/B testing.  

If you're new to the world of CRO and would like to know more give one of the team here a shout and we'll talk you through it. 

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