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20 Oct 2022

How to Write SEO Happy Event Website Content

Jamie Wallis
How to Write SEO Happy Event Website Content

While SEO is an extensive subject, the one area that the search engines consistently value is well-written and optimised website content. 

Below are our top tips on how you can ensure you website content is SEO happy:

Step One
Review Your Competitors Content

A key starting point is to plan out your homepage by reviewing your top competitors for your target keywords and seeing which ones they may have missed. Whilst this should be a great source of inspiration, now you have the job of writing great content.

Here are some key things to remember: 

  • Write for the visitor not the search engine.

  • Include the information visitors would expect to see.

  • Pre-empt their questions and answer them on the page.

  • Be benefits led, understand what the visitor is looking for on your page, product or service.

  • Remember you are looking to entice the action, so ‘interesting but incomplete’ content is OK.

Top Tip: create a simple content spec for your copywriters by using which will take out the guesswork.

  • Add target keyword(s)

  • Let do the hard work and collect results for the top 20 Google search results.

  • Create a content brief

  • Guidelines – word count etc.

  • People Also Ask (from Google results)

  • Topics – collated ‘topics’ that are included on competitors' pages.

  • Headers – H1, H2 etc headings

  • Questions – questions answered on competitors pages

  • Statistics – stats used on competitors pages

  • Hyperlinks – 3rd party pages linked to by competitors


Step Two
Optimise the content on your key pages

Although other tools are available, we recommend optimising all your top pages using a tool like While it is possible to optimise a page ‘by hand’, makes this job much easier by dynamically comparing your written content to your top 20 competitors and advising on the words or phrases that may need to be added to your page.

Step Three
Write regular blog posts or articles to support your key pages

The search engines greatly value good quality, relevant and well written website content, and one very effective way of further optimising your website is to write regular blog posts/articles that support your main website topics.

Here are some top tips for blog posts/articles that will help your website SEO:

  • Publish regularly - preferably one to two times a week.

  • Answer questions - use your blog posts to answer questions and add value to your key pages. For example, if you have a page on ‘baby cots’, write a supporting blog post on for example ‘how to get your baby to sleep’.

  • Link to related pages – so in the above example link to your ‘baby cots’ page.

  • Target keywords – find relevant keywords to target with search volume within the post.

  • Format well – remember that people like to skim read, so ensure that your post is formatted well so paragraphs are not too large and use elements such as bullet points to break up the text.

  • Use images – relevant images can make a post more engaging and heal to break up the content so it’s easier to read.


Top Tip – Your event website is a year-round show window. Get your exhibitors and speakers to write blog posts/articles for you. These stories can be linked back to their websites (which is of value to their website). This saves you time and provides you excellent show content from exhibitors who are engaged with your online event presence, which will in turn, engage potential visitors throughout the calendar year. 


Illustration provided by Freepik. 

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