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19 Aug 2015

10 minute SEO tips for #EventProfs: 3 things you can stop doing

Arran Coole

You’re probably used to hearing lots of things that, as an event marketer, you really “must” be doing.  But there’s only so much time in the day, especially as your event or conference gets close.

So is there anything you can simply STOP doing because it doesn’t help your event website achieve a better rank in the search engines, or attract more visitors to your event?

Well the answer is yes! Here’s three SEO tactics you can forget about right now:

Meta data

We used to advise event marketers to carefully tag their pages with relevant keywords to help Google to categorise their content. But now we don’t, because it doesn’t.  Tagging with meta data doesn’t feature in Google’s algorithms anymore.  So stop doing it and put the kettle on instead.

Tricking Google

Whether it’s stuffing your URL’s with keywords, gathering hundreds of backlinks from dodgy sites or re-posting your content as “guest blogs” on shadowy sites that are totally un-related to your show, trying to trick Google just doesn’t work long term.

Stop it. Stop it right now.  We won’t tell you again.

Here’s a list of “Black Hat” SEO tactics that aren’t worth your time from the folks at SEO tool Positionly

Not only are black hat SEO tactics a poor use of your time, you could land yourself in quite a pickle with Google, with your pages or even whole site being penalised.  If a tactic sounds too good to be true, believe us it is!

SEO Tactics

Yep, you heard right. SEO can be an important weapon in your marketing campaign to attract new visitors to your event, but getting bogged down in any one tactic is missing the point.

Step away from quick-fix tactics and focus on creating a website that is really useful to your visitors.  Rally your speakers, your exhibitors and your community to produce some great unique content and the rankings, traffic and conversions will come.

By filling the site with authentic, human focused content written by your community (rather than keyword stuffed Bot language) you will also naturally uncover and create content around keywords that chime with the language your audience is actually using to search – a free bonus SEO boost!

If you'd like to talk more about strategies to increase traffic to your event website, get in touch.

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