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04 Sep 2015

10 Minute SEO tips for #EventProfs – Exhibitor Content

Arran Coole

Event marketers – step back from your event website and let somebody else do some work for a change!

You’re sitting on a whole heap of great content and you don’t have to write it.  You might not even have to lift a finger to get it live on your site!

One of the quickest and most effective ways of getting useful, keyword rich content is to pick up the phone to your exhibitors. 

Profiles, press releases, product descriptions, blog posts, images, biographies of product experts who will be on their stand – they will all help to boost how well your event website ranks in the search engines for industry buzzwords.  And it goes without saying that having a comprehensive profile on your website will attract more delegates to your exhibitors’ stands helping them to have a more productive event too.

If you are using a web content management system specific to the events industry, like ASP, your exhibitors will be able to log in to a dedicated exhibitor zone (normally password protected) and upload their own content straight onto your event website (subject to your approval if you prefer).

And there’s an added advantage – it’s almost impossible to predict every keyword combination that your potential delegates could be searching for.  But your exhibitors just might – especially when it comes to product brand names. Exhibitor content might help you reach potential delegates in areas you don’t even know about!

Some event organisers produce marketing guides which help their exhibitors understand all the (free) opportunities available to them – from uploading their latest press releases to syndicating their blog content to using the event hashtag.  Many of our clients recommend this as a way to encourage more of your exhibitors to take advantage of the exposure your event website can provide.

And is there anything you can do to help the process along?

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, some exhibitors are not very proactive, so you could try curating some of their content using these methods:

  • Set up RSS feeds to their blogs and press release libraries
  • Set up Google alerts for their brand names
  • Set up a list in your twitter account of your exhibitors so you can quickly see any new content they post
  • Subscribe to their newslettersCheck trade press websites
  • Use a content tool like BuzzSumo to draw together their content from different platforms (you can get a limited number of searches for free)

Happy hunting!

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