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26 Aug 2015

5 free tools to make event marketing easier (and more fun)

Sophie Brown

We recently asked some of the event marketers we work with if there were any free tools they used which helped to make their event marketing more productive.  We were looking for anything that helped make a task quicker, save money, or created something delightful to engage attendees.

Here’s a round-up of some of the favourites…

1: Fotor

This handy photo editing tool acts a bit like photo editing apps for your phone, but as a desktop version.  It lets you add filters and enhancements which could help quickly smarten up non-professional shots from your event, for example brightening shots taken in dimly-lit lecture theatres.

But if you’ve ever struggled with hundreds of speaker headshots, all in different sizes, formats and crops, we reckon this could be a life-saver to quickly edit them and maybe add a house style to really smarten up the seminar programme pages on your event website. It certainly beats Paint!

Use Fotor to edit your photos for free

2: Canva

Whilst we firmly believe in the power of professional quality design to get your message across in the best possible way, lots of event marketers turn to Canva for small simple tasks.

Canva acts as a *very* stripped down version of Photoshop, with hundreds of free or very cheap templates and images ready to go in a simple to use drag-n-drop tool.  It’s especially popular for quick banners and images to support social media posts where there is often not the need or the time to brief your designer (or learn Photoshop).

Canva “Work” has also just launched with extra features to help you create brand-consistent designs really quickly.

Use Canva to edit your designs for free


3: Slideshare

Not a very well-kept secret, but online slide sharing app SlideShare has huge untapped potential for event marketers.  With you speakers’ permission, you can quickly share your educational content with a much wider audience.  And with a few well-chosen keywords a slideshare can keep sending well targeted traffic to your event website long after the event itself has closed.

Use slideshare to reach a wider audience

4: PicktoChart

This cool tool takes you a step further, allowing event marketers to create their own info-graphics from hundreds of free templates.  We can think of hundreds of uses of a well-designed infographic in an event marketing campaign, from explaining your seminar booking process to summarising your keynote presentations ready to be shared on social media, to presenting your post-show report in an engaging way for your exhibitors.

Costs for professionally designed infographics can be high, so PicktoChart gives event marketers the chance to try out this format with their audience without committing too much precious budget.

use PicktoChart to create free infographics

5: QuizWorks

Although you can pay for more features, it’s free to create short quizzes with this online tool.  This could be a fun and engaging part of your visitor campaign, for example a magazine style quiz asking visitors to identify what “type” of photographer / gardener / baker they are (and matching them with some tailored content based on their type).

But Quizworks could easily be used as an understanding check after a seminar, or to bring in an element of gamification to the show floor – what about a quiz that takes attendees on a tour round some key exhibitor stands to collect answers?

The leaderboard functionality and easy social sharing have lots of potential in exposing your campaign to a wider audience, or creating interaction with your existing delegates.

use QuizWorks to create free quizzes

There’s lots of other great free tools out there to help make life easier for event marketers – we’ll be doing a follow up post at some point soon.  So have you got any tools or widgets you keep coming back to that we can include? Email us with any suggestions you would like to share…

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