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28 Oct 2016

New Product Release : Add and Discover

Team ASP

New Product Release - Engage: Add and Discover


Increasing the number of visitors who attend your show is one of the core objectives for an event website and our latest product release. Add and Discover help marketers do just that.


Allowing visitors to favourite all types of content; from exhibitors to speakers, or seminar sessions to products, means they begin to effectively plan their day ahead of the event.

Not only is this a powerful tool to help gain commitment from prospective attendees, it also enables you, the event marketer, to get a better understanding of the content your audience is most interested in.


Now we know what your website visitors are engaging with we can begin to personalise their experience with Discover.

We have developed intelligent auto-tagging of your content. Showoff utilises machine learning to identify each individual visitors’ specific areas of interest and make relevant recommendations.

This is a perfect way to intelligently deliver the content of your event without adding to your workload, helping to promote your exhibitors and keep your seminar theatres full!

Call your Account Manager on 020 8603 8099 to arrange a 10 minute Engage demo.

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