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27 Oct 2016

Did someone say keyword meta-tags? Old news!

Chris, Age 27

Yes, as the title indicates Keyword meta-tags are no longer used in Google's algorithms for search results and ASP have the proof. Here is a link to a video by Matt Cutts, Google's Head of Search, confirming the news.

Matt led the search quality team at Google on SEO issues, so on this occasion I think it’s fair to say its come 'straight from the horse’s mouth'.

So, what do Google use for Search results? The answer is good, relevant content, and lots of it. The more pages you have indexed by Google relating to your website the better the results.

This comes from you, the marketing team but also your exhibitors via the ASP Exhibitor Zone. Get your exhibitors to do the work for you by adding latest products, press releases, blogs and more.

With that being said, don't be surprised when we no longer have a keyword section in our Showoff platform. We'll constantly be making room for more relevant tools for you to bolster your SEO efforts.

Please speak to your Account Manager for more information.

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