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08 Jun 2016

Important news if you have an Instagram feed on your website

Luke Sherrington

At the beginning of June, Instagram changed the way third party apps and widgets can access accounts and feeds.  It seems they are trying to gain tighter control over how their content can be used and appear on other websites.

The result is that on ASP sites (along with every other website out there) a fix will be needed to get your Instagram feed to display correctly again.

We have a workaround fix at the moment to get you back up and running and we are working on a better long term solution as we speak.

One option would be for you to provide us with an Access Token – you can find the instructions for generating an Access Token for Instagram here courtesy of the ElfSight blog.

But as Instagram’s process is currently quite complicated and involves registering for their developer portal and editing some code, we recommend that you let us do this for you.

Raise a Naga, including your Insta account details (we promise not to post any selfies) and we will get the feed on your ASP event websites looking beautiful again.

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