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07 Jun 2016

10 Minute SEO for #EventProfs - Link Text

Sam May

Not so long ago we would regularly tell our clients that if they were adding a link to the text on a page they should avoid simply linking the words “Click here”

Click here to see pictures of the ASP team

Wisdom had it that you would get much more benefit by linking words that were relevant to your content.

See pictures of the ASP team

Or even more so if you used relevant keywords in your links.

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But the way Google evaluates pages to determine their rank has got much smarter over the years, taking into account more subtle things like brand, search intent, topics and context.  These are all given much more importance now than elements that can be manipulated like tags and link text.

This means that you now get very little benefit from putting keywords in your link text – in fact stuffing your link text with dodgy keywords can even get you penalised, as many sites found to their cost last April.


So should you just use “Click Here”?

Well no. The answer to that comes back to the mantra that successful websites are designed for people not for search engines, so you should use the link text that is most likely to help your visitor find what they are looking for.

Your link text provides navigation and helps your visitor to continue their journey.  Good link text positively entices them to engage more with your content, so your link can provide a strong call to action.  We’re sure you can do better than click here in this respect!

The photos the ASP team hoped would stay hidden!

It’s also important for users that your link text clearly describes the kind of content they are about to be taken to, especially if it will open in a new window or take them to a new website – your registration platform for example.

Internal links are a very positive thing, especially on a large website, they provide navigation and should help your user.  So make sure the signposts you give are clear.

Your content is for humans, it’s an added bonus when your links also help search engines to crawl deep into your site and also index that content.

So if in doubt about what text you should use, ask yourself the question – what would benefit my visitors?

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