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06 Jan 2016

Is your show website Art?

Sophie Holt

Just before Christmas, Melissa, Tammy, Jon B and Mark manned our booth at Expo Expo in Baltimore – one of the world’s biggest gatherings of event professionals.

It was a record breaking week in terms of visitor numbers, number of organisers and even the size of the expo floor and we enjoyed every second of it.  We always try to bring a sense of fun to our booth (after-all, we take our play as seriously as we take our work) and this year was no different with our very own duck hook to get the conversation going.

But without our proudest moment of Expo Expo was seeing our client Media 10 recognised in the annual IAEE Art of the Show competition.  The gallery on the expo floor showcased design excellence from events and exhibitions across the world, including Media 10’s winning entry in the best website category for 100% Design.

IAEE represents trade and public events from all over the world, so to clinch this category is a real honour and we were delighted to have worked with the Media 10 team to be part of it. 

Most show websites follow a fairly tried and tested model of navigation, so the team at ASP were really excited to work with London-based design event 100% Design to try something just that little bit different.

100% Design is the largest and longest running contemporary design event for industry professionals in the UK, so they wanted to create a user experience that presented the exceptional design collection at the show in a novel and intuitive way to their discerning, design savvy audience.

The response

12 directional colours were chosen to represent the core colour trends for 2015 including dove grey, camomile yellow and retro pink.

100% Design Homepage

Visitors are invited to browse exhibitors not by list, but by the colour pallet of their designs, creating eye-catching “mood board” style pages that harmonise on a single colour.  In the example below, Chamomile Yellow has been selected, curating a page for the visitor around this hue.

Visitors are inspired to explore in a different way, discovering new designers and styles that they may not otherwise have considered.

100% Design Colour Selection

The images were broken up with the use of CSS Transitional effects which created ‘mouse over’ animation and extra information without the need to use Flash or JavaScripts – ensuring all users could have the same desired experience. A mouse-hover over anything that captures a visitor’s attention invited visitors to view more information about the designer and their presence at the event, building interest in the exhibitor and driving attendance.

100% Design Navigation

Although the main goal of the site was to showcase the stunning design on show, careful thought has also been given to usability.  The site had to function well as a show website, allowing users to easily find the details they needed to have an enjoyable time at the show.

The menu button played on the icon familiar to users from viewing sites on mobile platforms.  This visual cue was an efficient way of drawing attention to important menu items, without sacrificing precious space on the page.

More traditional menu items such as contacts and agendas were housed in a large expanding window, including a prominent search function to assist visitors in finding whatever they needed.

100% Design Menu Pop Out

These “Mega Menus” allowed users to dig down further into the site if needed without taking away from the core call to action which was ‘Register’ to attend the event.

Even more workaday pages that convey essential visitor information had an eye on stylish design – clean and stripped back, they provide a great contrast to the colour saturated exhibitor pages.

100 percent design visit us page

Responsive as standard

With a technology literate audience, splitting their time between traditional work spaces, project sites and studio space, the website had to be responsive and perform equally well across all platforms and screen sizes.

100 percent design mobile homepage100 percent design mobile colour search100 percent design mobile why visit

The images above show the home page, colour-filtered search and “visiting” page rendered on a smart phone.  Some functionality is minimised and the view prioritised to make the best of the space and still keep the sleek appearance and interactive experience of the main site.

We'd like to thank the team at Media 10 once again for the opportunity to work on this fantastic project!


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