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10 Jan 2017

Leveraging TTS Codes to unlock the true potential of Campaign Trackers

Sam May

'TTS? What's that?', I hear you cry.

Well, TTS codes are some of the most under-utilised features of Showoff. They've been around for a long time, but have never made it to the mainstream.

TTS stands for Trace-To-Source - it functions in a very similar way to utm codes that you'll find in other email systems. It's a simple code that helps you, the marketer, to discern exactly which of your campaigns a person has come from.

Now, we feel it's their time to shine. A TTS code can help you directly measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with campaign trackers. All you need is a compatible reg company who can help with the final stage of the process - the actual reporting. Your TTS code is added to a visitor's cookie when they hit your site, and it will stay attached to their session until they either hit a new campaign tracker with a new link on it, or delete their cookies (Luckily this doesn't happen too often!)

When your registration records these TTS codes, you can trace and attribute certain registrations to the original marketing material the user came from.

Setting it up is relatively painless, too!

Step 1: Start using Campaign Trackers obsessively.

Use a campaign tracker for any inbound link to your site, and ensure a relevant well worded TTS code has been input on that CT (Campaign Tracker ~ CT) that relates to its use.

For example, a monthly email to your London-based demographic should use CTs with a TTS along the lines of 'Jan17LondonEmail'.

Step 2: Make sure your reg company is set up to recieve the TTS codes

This is where you'll need to check your reg company can accept your TTS codes as variables in the registration URL. This part can sometimes be tricky but the main thing to check is how they need it formatted at the end of the URL in order to read it.  Once your reg company has confirmed they can accept them, they'll likely tell you what they need the variable name to be. This goes on the end of your registration URL:[ASP merge field here]

Remember you can send this article on to support your explanation if needed!

Step 3: Send your campaign out

Now, anyone hitting your website from your email shot will be carrying the 'Jan17LondonEmail' code along with them. Then, hopefully, the next step is for that person to register. When they do, the ASP merge field checks to see if there's a TTS code present - if so, it'll put it in!

It'll look like:

You user won't notice the difference, and it still goes to the same page!

TTS Codes & Campaign Trackers

Step 4: Get a report from your Registration company and make your post-show report amazing!

Now, your reg company should have recorded all of the TTS codes that led to successful registrations, so you can prove exactly which of your campaigns were the most successful and tailor your activities to optimise your visitor conversion rate!


Don't forget, you can call the ASP Account Management team at any time to find out more about this process.

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