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13 Jan 2016

Make today the first day of your (online) future

Dan Pacitti

With much wailing and gnashing of teeth, Microsoft consigned Internet Explorer 7-10 to history as support stopped yesterday.

So even if you were a fan of the “retro” experience, today is the day to get yourself upgraded to a new web browser.  Whether you go for the newer Microsoft offerings such as IE11 or Edge, or join the internet natives on Firefox or Chrome, there’s a whole new world out there for you.

And if faster, more user-friendly browsing isn’t enough to convince you, then bear in mind there will be no more security patches for poor old Internet Explorer, so you are opening yourself up to malware and hacks if you continue to use it.

Other software suppliers (ASP included) will also stop developing their products to be compatible with discontinued versions, so you will find websites stop displaying properly over time.

You can read the statement from Microsoft about stopping support for older Internet Explorer versions here.  This includes a link to upgrade.

Or why not give Chrome or Firefox a go for free with these links.

Check what version of Internet Explorer you have here.

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