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18 Sep 2015

New Infographic - Online Communities panel at #ENRaceday

Sophie Brown

Takeaway learnings from Exhibition News Race Day 2015:

  • Don’t sit on the fence
  • Social media is too important to be left to the most junior person in the team
  • Conversation thrives on controversy.  Expect it and embrace it
  • 96% of your web traffic is not ready to buy from you *yet*.  Communities make content available on a more human timeline
  • Don’t select an advisory panel – all your delegates are potential advisors
  • Put the conversation first and your brand second – it’s not all about you
  • Make the most of your amazing event content; Repurpose Repurpose Repurpose!
  • A marketer’s role will change: no longer push messaging; identify and engage with pockets of trust relevant to your brand

We can't wait for next year!

Infographic online communities EN raceday


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