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10 Jan 2017

Once you pop up you just can’t stop!

Richard James

Do they work?

The short answer is a resounding YES. They are designed to grab your attention and they will increase engagement, after all, you have to click on the bloomin’ things to get them to close (they call that interacting!).

Some ASP tips

  • Decide on one key message. Don’t have lots of pop ups with different messages, visitors will only get confused and think the next pop up is the same as the last.
  • Try and offer something. Advertising your app close to the show is a good idea. Or offer them a reward in exchange for giving their details (if your pop up is for newsletter sign-up), such as a downloadable report.
  • A/B testing. If you have an email going out you can use Showoff and make a copy of your homepage. One with the pop up and one without, see which gets the best response.
  • ASP ALWAYS recommend setting your pop up to not show again once closed.

For further reading we have found a couple of really good in-depth articles:

Do Pop-Up Forms Really Work?” - from a blogger who added one to his site, but eventually took it down.

Do Pop-up Ads Actually Work? Here's the Data You Need” - a more stat based article.

How to add a pop up to your site

The Account Management team recommend GetSiteControl.  We’ve seen plenty of sites offering a pop-up service and this is by far the easiest to use and “just works”. You can easily use a free version right away to add popups and you can have complete control over them down to date and time. They look good too!

Once you have added your widget you can add it to a page or panel in Showoff using our “3rd Party Code” widget. More information can be found on our Knowledge here:

Adding third party code to my site

Final word

If you have a high ranking in Google’s search engine results then consider disabling the pop up on mobile as Google is cracking down on what it considers “intrusive” pop-ups.

More information from Google can be found here:

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