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12 Aug 2015

Our favorite event website in the world right now:

Richard James

Most websites follow a fairly tried and tested model of navigation, so we were really excited to work with the team at London based design event 100% Design to try something just that little bit different.

100% Design is the largest and longest running contemporary design event for industry professionals in the UK, so they wanted to create a user experience that presented the exceptional design collection at the show in a novel and intuitive way.

12 directional colours were chosen to represent the core colour trends for 2015 including dove grey, camomile yellow and retro pink.

Homepage of 100% Design website

Visitors are invited to browse exhibitors not by list, but by the colour pallete of their designs, creating eye-catching “mood board” style pages that harmonise on a single colour.

Page of 100% Design website

They inspire visitors to explore in a different way, discovering new designers and styles that they may not otherwise have considered.

Head to and try it for yourself – we promise you’ll be hooked.

Even more workaday pages that convey essential visitor information have an eye on stylish design – clean and stripped back, they provide a great contrast to the colour saturated exhibitor pages.

Visitor page of 100% Design website

Great design, a fun user experience and still gets the essentials across – that’s why it’s our favourite event website in the world right now.

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