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10 Aug 2017

The Future is Bright

Richard Sands

As a founding partner of the ever popular EN 30under30 initiative, now in its 3rd year, it was an honour to be involved in this years’ judging panel on behalf of ASP. After receiving a record number of entrants, all being of an extremely high standard, it made it a very tough task to whittle them down to just 30 this year. All are excelling in their roles and have worked hard to build their knowledge and passion for the Events industry. The future really is bright!

One of the main priorities for our industry today is developing our youngest and most promising members, and specifically our leadership, for tomorrow. The ‘30 Under 30’ initiative gives us the ability to do just that. It has been exciting to watch the enthusiasm of these young professionals as they form a network they can rely on and I look forward to crossing paths with the selected members over the coming months. At ASP, we mirror everything the EN 30under30 initiative promotes – supporting young talent, developing individuals and showing passion and ambition for the industry we work in. As a global supplier of websites for the Events industry, building over 250 websites per year and celebrating our 20th birthday this year, we are always on the lookout for these passionate people, whether that is internally, working on our product, Showoff™ or working closely with our clients to deliver the best experience for their visitors/exhibitors.

It was also great to see a real mix of winners this year ranging from organisers, suppliers and venues, consisting of Marketeers, Ops and Event Directors. Having such a range of applicants and eventual winners really does show what great hands our industry is in. Many entrants were nominated by senior colleagues within their companies for their achievements and shows an immediate respect they have from their internal teams to build upon in the future.

The event itself this year, hosted at The Good Hotel London (just a stone’s throw from ExCel London) was a great night out too. Not only was it an opportunity to catch up with some familiar faces, but a great chance to meet some of the select individuals I have not had the pleasure of working with on a personal level in recent months, but who’s reputations precede them. The enthusiasm and passion from all attendees really was there to be seen and fills me with confidence for the future of our industry. The drinks were flowing too (as you’d expect for an industry event!) which helped really set the mood and atmosphere for a fun evening of celebrations and networking.

I’d like to pass on my sincere congratulations to everyone who made the cut this year from everyone at ASP. I look forward to working closely with you all and to see you at any upcoming events for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018. I really hope that this will give the finalists support the initiative offers, was well as offering the platform to build their already impressive careers in Events.

Meet the 30 under 30

This article originally appears in the "EN 30 under 30" supplement with the August 2017 copy of Exhibition News.


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