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29 Mar 2017

The time has come to purchase a secure certificate for your site

Richard James

We’ve recently been contacting all our clients about secure certificates on their sites.


If you don't have one you need to keep reading!

Secure certificates have always been recommended on shopping sites to show that your credit card details are being encrypted when submitted on a site. A green padlock appears like this:

Secure padlock

However recently Google Chrome and Firefox have been slowly updating their browsers so that a warning appears on ANY form even if there is no monetary purchases on the site. This means your visitors will slowly start seeing warnings on forms and exhibitors when they login to the ezone.

The warnings are currently not very intrusive, but both Chrome and Firefox have stated that they will increase the warning in the future. You may not have noticed this when you visit a form on your site or gone to your ezone login page:

Not secure

Very recently Firefox has upgraded their warning to this for login pages when it detects a username and password is required:

Firefox warning

What to do next?

At ASP we can order a secure certificate for you - there is a cost per domain and a certificate lasts 1 calendar year. All you need to do is click on the button below and we'll do the rest. Soon after we have placed the order you will get a phone call from the certificate company to confirm that you are a real person!

To order a certificate visit this form (yes it's secure!) or contact your Account Manager if you have any questions.


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