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18 Sep 2015

We heart... Four Corners Publishing

Sophie Brown

Whilst we live our lives in the world of digital, most of the team at ASP are avid readers – we even have our very own lending library at ASP Towers.  We think the feeling of flicking through a beautiful and interesting book is pretty hard to beat, and for all their convenience and portability this is an area where Kindles and the like really don’t deliver.

But recently we took a peak at upcoming London event Future Artefacts and found the wonder that is independent not-for-profit Four Corners Publishing.  Their website design is so addictively beautiful that we just can’t stop playing with it.

They have managed to digitally recreate the magical experience of turning the pages on a beautifully designed book and it makes us want to add every single copy to our library. As you hover over each title, the pages riffle through giving a glimpse of the stunning artwork within. You can almost smell that lovely book smell.

Four Corners Publishing Website Design

Even their "About" section allows visitors to create beautiful stacks of books by the wave of a mouse...

Four Corners Publishing About Website Design

Head over to their website and have a go for yourself.  We defy you not to fall in love (and order at least one new book)

We’re wondering if there is an event website out there that could benefit from a similar treatment.

We send a virtual high five to John Morgan Studios, the fine minds behind this beautiful design

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