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  • Hardy events professionals braved the downpours to contest the annual ASP Sticky Wicket 2015 cricketing contest. Teams from the likes of Mash Media, CloserStill, Clarion and DMG packed into the pavili ...
  • Should you be building mobile first?

    15 Jul 2015 Sophie Brown
    The latest issue of Exhibition News argues event marketers should be building their event websites mobile first - here's our take on it...
  • Come play with us in the Sandbox

    08 Jul 2015 Melissa Ooi
    ASP are in Houston from July 15 for the Shepard Sandbox
  • Are you ready to join the rest of the event industry at ASP Sticky Wicket?
  • 5 things I heart about my Moto 360

    02 Jul 2015 Richard James
    Size is everything: Richard James shares some musings on his new bit of wearable tech...
  • Exhibitors – make it personal!

    04 Jun 2015 Nolan O'Connor
    Event marketing veteran (because sometimes it feels like war) Nolan O'Connor advises exhibitors to get personal with show visitors...
  • Welcome to the jungle

    01 Jun 2015 Jon Small

    What has a lion, an ant and a chameleon got to do with growing a successful website design agency?

    Our Regional Director, Jon Small, explains...

  • What can the events industry and the advertising industry learn from each other?

    Commercial Director, Jon Benjamin, shares his experience from both sides of the fence

  • What would I really want?

    27 May 2015 Dan Woods

    Dealing with clients can be a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma - but it needn't be.

    Lead Account Manager, Dan Woods, explains how