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Showoff Summer Update

Hello Showoff user, we'd like to tell you about some exciting changes we are about to launch.

New Login

It’s time for a refresh, we’ve updated our login in line with the new ASP image – enjoy!

New site management area

We’ve introduced a new interface to make the management of sites easier.  Now a lot of areas are one click away – including the new Insights area…

Website Insights for all

…which now presents you with event focused stats.  Also, this area provides you with the Engage gathered intelligence, if you have the module. Watch this space for more powerful functionality delivered this year and next year. Increase visitors through increased data!

When is this happening?


Will I lose anything I could do before?
Nope. We haven't removed any functionality that is currently being used. We have just re-worked the design and UX (User Experience) to make things easier and more direct for you to edit and manage your websites. 
Does this affect the CMS?

No. This is just an update to the login and website management area not in the CMS where you edit the content on your sites. This is unaffected. 

Can I revert back to the old look?

Sorry we can’t roll back to the old version. We’re sure you will grow to love the update like we do.